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Thanks for checking out the PotatoJet JetPack for the EOS R! These may also work on other cameras as well so feel free to experiment! See these LUTs in action in this video.

I designed these LUTs to optimize the look out of my Canon EOS R and here are my recommended settings.

  1. Canon Log - The default settings are good (EOS Original Color Matrix & Characteristics at 0,0,0). This will give you a lot of dynamic range and flexibility with your footage. In this setting, definitely shoot with the best codec you have available. (For Example ALL-I instead of IPB)

  2. Picture Profile Neutral - (Sharpness at +1 | Contrast at -3 | Saturation at -3 | Color tone at 0). This will look decent straight out of camera but by pulling back the contrast and saturation, that gives a bit more room to work. I often use this with the lighter codec since it won’t go through any intensive color grading. Nice in case you need to record for a long time and don’t want to overflow your hard drives.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to use LUTs, check out my tutorial on Premiere.

But if you’re on a different editing software, look up a few LUT tutorials for your editing app.

Depending on which color profile you filmed with, open up the corresponding folder and you’ll find 5 LUTs to choose from.


  1. Cinema Jet pack-This was designed specifically to match higher end cameras such as the RED or Arri Alexa. It’s currently my GO TO LUT.

  2. Equator - A gentle warm look.  I love using this one in nature or when I’m traveling to tropical destinations. If there’s a pina colada in the shot, this is the LUT to use!

  3. LAPD - A dark cod desaturated rugged look. I like using this LUT when I’m in urban areas surrounded by skyscrapers.

  4. Quickfix - This is a very basic LUT which will get your footage looking ready from C-Log or Neutral. Simple but effective when you’re not looking to stylize much.

  5. SilverLake - The Trendy Hipster Look which makes everything look like a music festival. Throw in some Electronic Music, drop in this LUT, and it’s party time!